Denso QS20-H - 2D Barcode Scanner
Denso QS20-H - 2D Barcode Scanner
Denso QS20-H    2D Barcode ScannerDesktop Barcode Scanner met Standaard Model: QS20-HConditie: Occasion Scans 1 en 2d barcodes Aansluiting: Serieel RS-232Kleur: GrijsDraadloos: NEE Inclusief Voedingsa
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Denso QS20-H    2D Barcode Scanner

Desktop Barcode Scanner met Standaard
Model: QS20-H
Conditie: Occasion

Scans 1 en 2d barcodes

Aansluiting: Serieel RS-232 !!!!
Kleur: Grijs
Draadloos: NEE


Inclusief Voedingsadapter, standaard en Seriele RS-232 Kabel

Industrial Handheld Barcode Scanner; Serial 2D Code Barcode & Image scan


Excellent reading capability


The QS20H can read standard QR Code with approximately 2,000 characters (numeric), thus creating a wide range of applications using large portable data files. Additionally, the QS20H reads Micro QR Code, PDF417 and MaxiCode, as well as linear bar codes.


Enhanced reading abilities with triple LED pointer


The triple LED pointer shows the center and the range of the reading area. This allows you to read the target symbol easily. The QS20H has been designed to accommodate fluctuations in ambient light, which enables increased reading ability in any environment.


 Capable of reading high density bar codes omni-directionally


Allows you to read various types of bar codes (UPC/EAN, Code 39, NW7, ITF, Code 128) in all directions. The QS20H can read high density bar codes with narrow 0.15mm bars to bars that are wider than the reading window.


General Specifications:


Readable codes


Two-dimensional codes


QR Code, MicroQR Code, PDF417, and Maxi Code (available soon)


Bar codes


UPC-A/E, EAN-13/8, Code 39, NW-7, ITF, Code 128




Two-dimensional codes


0.25mm (9.84mils) min


Bar codes


0.15mm (5.91mils) min


Scanning reference position


75mm (2.95")




Triple LED pointer


PCS value




Skew angle




Elevation and inclination


+ (-) 35




PC interface




Transmission speed


115.2 Kbps max


Cable length




Interface connector


DB, 9-pin (female)


Drive voltage


4.5 to 10V DC


Power supply (option)


Dedicated AC adapter


Weight (excluding cable)




Operating temperature range


0 to 40C


Operating humidity range


10 to 85% RH (without dew condensation)